Recommended Walking/Hiking gear

NB: I no longer have links to Amazon due to creative differences!


For longer walks/hikes I recommend an Osprey Sirrus 36 backpack. I found it to be really comfortable and it has the ability to adjust the length to fit your height.

It was just the right size backpack to take everything I needed without being too big or becoming too heavy. I wouldn’t recommend taking anything bigger as then you are tempted to pack more – which means carrying more weight.

This backpack is top-loading and has some great features including easy to access pockets which fit a surprising amount in them. I found the top pocket really handy for my guidebook, glasses and wallet, and the middle outside pocket really great for stuffing in my rain jacket.

It is lightweight – 1.45 kilos or 3.2 pounds; has holes for walking poles, a space for your sleeping bag; accessible zipped side pockets and a built-in rain cover.

Another good thing about Osprey is that they will repair any damage free of charge which is an amazing offer.

Walking/Hiking shoes

Oboz Women’s Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe

I tried many different shoes before finding ones which I recommend for longer distances.

The Oboz Women’s Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe has a really good tread and is a sturdy shoe without being heavy. I found these shoes to be great for walking long distances and the tread takes a long time to wear down.

I have wide feet so many shoes are too narrow for me. These shoes are wider so this means there is plenty of room to move your toes around. Also, when I walk long distances my feet tend to swell up so this extra width also helps with that.

The shoes are made of a combination of leather and synthetic mesh and are waterproof which is great. In the few times when I have walked in the rain I have found that my feet stay dry and if they do get wet, they dry off reasonably quickly – even when I have had to cross rivers!

Walking/Hiking Boots

Keen Gypsum II Mid WP-W Hiking Boots

When I’m heading off on a track that consists of lots of walking on uneven or rough terrain I prefer to wear my hiking boots as they offer great support and are sturdier/more protective for my feet.

I really like my Keen Gypsum II Mid WP-W Hiking Boots as they are comfortable and lightweight with good ankle support. I’ve climbed over many rocks and volcanic fields in these boots and I always feel confident they will protect my feet. They have a good tread which helps prevent slipping and they are waterproof – I’ve walked through many rivers and streams in them and they dry out really quickly.

Another great thing is that they are a wide fitting which allows plenty of room for movement without my foot slipping around. Well worth the investment.

Walking/Hiking socks

I recommend Icebreaker Hiking socks. There is a lot of debate around the best type of socks to wear. There are many choices of material available but after having tried many different options I decided that lightweight merino wool socks were the best option for me.

They are comfortable, not bulky and absorb sweat and moisture without feeling wet. They also have padding in the sole and heel which definitely helps to absorb any shock and provides extra comfort

Merino Tee-Shirts

I love my Icebreaker Merino tee-shirts. Because they are Merino wool they are really soft and comfortable and are cool when you get hot. And at the same time, they are warm when it’s colder weather. I have worn my tee-shirts for miles and miles and washed them many times over. and they just keep going. One of the great things about Merino wool is that it is really light-weight and absorbs any moisture without feeling wet.

Long-sleeved sweatshirt / hoodie / windcheater/ zip up top (depending on where you’re from)!

This Icebreaker Merino long sleeved sweatshirt is really comfortable and warm. It has a full length zip, two pockets, and thumb loops which are great for keeping the hands warm. It also has a snug hood which I often used instead of a woolly hat.

Because it’s Merino it’s lightweight but also warm for when it’s cold in the mornings and at night. It may seem a bit expensive but believe me, it is well worth it. Mine has lasted me for years and been washed many times. And it’s still going strong!

Travel Camera

Sony DSC-HX60v/b 20.4 MP Digital Camera

I have used my Sony DSC-HX60V/B 20.4 MP Digital Camera for the last few years when travelling around the world. It has a 30x optical lens which is great for distance shots and for a small camera it takes great shots. It is lightweight and easy to hold and has the added bonus of having built in wifi so you can easily upload your photos to your phone or computer without having to worry about being in wifi range.