For the love of walking

The road ahead

Hi everyone,

I have decided to create a space devoted to all things walking as I know there are heaps of people like me out there who also love walking long and short distances for recreation.

Walking is one of my passions and I love the opportunity to explore different parts of the world and my own country. What I love about walking is that you get to see things that you just can’t see when you’re travelling by road. Plus you get to have some great conversations with people along the way.

My aim is to cover all aspects of walking – from actual walks I have been on, to equipment, to dealing with blisters, to training etc. I am also keen to have others add their stories of walks they have done around the world so we can all share our experiences.

Early days yet, but bit by bit I will be adding info/pages to the site.

I hope you will join me on this journey!