About me


I’m Robin and I love walking (or hiking if you’re from the Northern Hemisphere)! I decided to create this site as I realise that I spend a lot of my time either walking, or talking about walking. So it seemed like a good idea to share my love of walking, some of my experiences, advice etc.

I hail from New Zealand which is a beautiful country and has many great walks. I have done many of them, long and short, and have also walked two Caminos across Spain and Portugal.

I also love exploring cities across the world and discovering all sorts of amazing things I would never have anticipated. There’s something so special about having the time and space to wander where you fancy and stopping when you need to, to just absorb.

Later this year my walking friend and I have a walking trip planned through parts of Italy. We were originally planning this trip for the year that COVID-19 struck so now we’ve re-planned and are ready to go. We’re going to be walking through Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast and parts of Tuscany.

An Early Start

Apparently my love of walking started at a very early age when I managed to get out through a secure front gate and then hightailed it up the road. I was only about 3 years old but managed to make my way up our sloping street and around the corner onto another street. I then managed to cross the road, and made my way up the busy main street where I crossed at the pedestrian crossing and stopped in the middle of the road to pick up a piece of paper. Fortunately all cars stopped for me and at this point someone came and grabbed me and took me to the local pharmacy where they tried to discover my name. But being the shy type I wasn’t going to give them any information so I’m not sure what happened next and how my mother found me!

My mother meanwhile, was frantic once she realised I had escaped and she had no idea where to look. Her main concern was that I had gone near the creek which ran along the back of some of the local properties so she ran from house to house looking for me. I have no idea how she managed to locate me, but fortunately it all ended well and I was duly handed over to my totally stressed out mother.

I, of course, had no idea of all the fuss I was causing. All I obviously wanted to do was to go on an adventure. I mean, how else was I to see the world!

My endeavours were written up in the local paper with the closing line that I was destined to go far, and indeed that has been true!

Since then I have travelled to many countries around the world and always make a point of walking wherever possible, rather than catching a bus or train. I love being able to see things close up and personal, and being able to explore nooks and crannies you would never be able to see (or find) from a vehicle.

I still feel the same sense of adventure when I go walking as what I must have felt when I was a toddler on my first walking foray. And my intention is to keep walking and sharing my love of walking for years to come!

Stay well.